About Us

Laura Sonia was launched to spice-up the much neglected market of curvy women who wear plus size clothes. We simply help you feel gorgeous, sassy, and provide unapologetic fashion to all curvy plus size women. We fill the void plus size clothing retailers completely miss: body positive, contemporary clothes that promote confidence, and self esteem.

 Our focus is to offer a different style and plus size selection for women of all feminine beauty and ethnicity who dare to be bold and show their curves. Comfort while feeling beautiful is what every woman deserves. This is what we have in mind when selecting each design for you! After all, what you wear is how you feel, and ultimately how others treat you.

  At Laura Sonia we bring you closer to a full array of chic dresses, tops, bottoms, custom made t-shirts, and outerwear from the comfort of your home for every season. We cater to women with curves that range from L to 5XL.