Seriously girls, if you don’t know your measurements then you’re not gonna get what you think you’re ordering. We have added a sizing chart on each individual item to help you find your perfect fit. Measure your bust, waist, hips, etc. and match it to the sizing chart and BAMMM…PERFECT FIT!!!!!

Off Shoulder Butterfly Strapless Dress-Laura Sonia
Sale price $24.99 Regular price $35.99 Sale
Floral Striped Print Dress-Laura Sonia
Regular price $32.99
Overlay Floral Print Capelet Dress-Laura Sonia
Sale price $21.99 Regular price $26.99 Sale
Tropical Sleeveless Maxi Delight-Laura Sonia
Regular price $28.99
That Boho Shirt Pants I love!-Laura Sonia
Regular price $36.99
Tie it in the Front-Laura Sonia
Regular price $30.99
Tied tight & Sexy-Laura Sonia
Regular price $34.99
Lace up With a Flare-Laura Sonia
Regular price $30.99