Our Favorite Curvy Fashion Bloggers to take Inspiration from!

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Fashion bloggers are taking the industry by storm and we look up to them for inspiration and style ideas. Curvy fashion bloggers are by no means any behind. So, we have rounded up our favorite curvy fashionista bloggers who give us some serious goals about self-love and self-confidence. 

1. Callie Thorpe (From the Corners of the Curve)
Callie is so beautiful inside and out, but what makes her stand out is her confidence with which she carries off her plus size fashion. She runs a successful blog as well as an Instagram account called, “The Confidence Corner” to share her favorite unconventional and daring women.


2. Stephanie Yeboah (Nerd about Town)
We fall in love with Stephanie as she is a view in her plus size fashion outfits. This curvy fashionista claims that the fashion industry lacks diversity in her open discussions.



3. Tanesha Awasthi (Girl with Curves)
This amazing lady is so inspiring that she not only posts inspiring outfit shots for each and every occasion but also has her own plus size fashion clothing range particularly designed for curvy fashionistas.



4. Lauren Nicole (Fashion Killer)
This great curvy fashionista is a curve blogger as well as a model which makes her our hot favorite. Among many of her noteworthy blog posts is ‘Embracing my curves’.



5. Paola (Unapologetically Paola)
This curvy fashionista is the best guide for loving yourself part of developing the kind of self-confidence with her refreshing as well as honest posts.



6. Ashley Rose (This is Ashley Rose)
She has an easy-to-understand outlook towards the trend formats and brings life to your otherwise boring plus size fashion.


Our list of the curvy fashionistas would inspire you to set some serious plus size fashion goals. Moreover, their inspirational blogs will make you feel completely comfortable and happy in your own skin.


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