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Have you been thinking about hitting the gym lately, but have always shrugged off the idea at the thought of the vigorous routine that follows it? Well, not anymore since we decided to bring you a list of all gym essentials that will work for you at the gym as well as out of it. So, are you ready to find out more about curvy woman gym fashion? Let’s get started:

  1. Water bottle

First thing’s first. Keep yourself hydrated when you hit the gym. While all of us want to lose weight and look the best in a matter of few days just by working out at the gym, it’s almost impossible to achieve it without a change in lifestyle. So start consuming more water on the earliest basis- buy a nice water bottle that tells you how much you have consumed throughout your work out and how much more you should consume in order to maintain your body’s equilibrium.

  1. Quality Work-out outfit

You want to get those plus size fashion magazines kind of curves, right? So why hit the gym with some boring old gym kit when you can have some super comfortable yet sexy and ‘socially acceptable’ gym wear that you can even sport later on in the day! In 2017, that’s what curvy woman gym fashion is all about!


  1. Smart watch

Keep track of time as well as your activity at the gym; smart watches are a great way of keeping record and handy when you are juggling between work and gym as they can be synced with your cellphone.

  1. Gym bag

Never say no to a nice chic bag, because where else are you going to keep all your belongings?

  1. Comfortable shoes

Slip on your most comfortable shoes when you are planning for a day at the gym and later at office because honestly you don’t want to get sore feet- runners are a hot trend any way so get your hands on the most trend-iest ones while you can! And there you have it! All these gym essentials work amazingly outside the gym and you can totally incorporate them in your everyday outfits.            


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